Incredible images – Lack of snow: the camouflage colors of animals melt away


What carefree times those were for long-tailed weasels, arctic foxes, arctic hares and all those other white fellows like the chickens that fluttered and hopped between the icy plains. But now everything is different in the clear glacial heights and polar lowlands. Climate change is causing the camouflage color of this fauna to melt away as quickly as the crystals themselves, in turn accelerating a sad species extinction that goes unnoticed by the people of the valley.

This dramatic development is directly related to global warming. Because the white dudes of the animal kingdom used to be impossible to see from the air because their plumage or fur adapted to the snow-capped mountains depending on the season and weather. However, as the snowline rises, the habitat becomes more and more brown – and those who are still white then stand out so much that the game of hide and seek with predators is over. Then everything gets deadly serious.

Source: Krone


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