Escape from pasture – Calf swam through the Danube: shot in distress


The poor calf! In the Mühlviertel, a young cow ran away and even swam across the Danube. Only to die by a gunshot. The reason is understandable. Because otherwise there could have been uninvolved injuries or even deaths.

Around 9 a.m. on Saturday, a farmer wanted to drive a herd of cattle to the pasture near Saxen. But an animal of about 300 kilos escaped from the 48-year-old farmer. The young cow ran across the country, over the Danube highway B3 and the rails of the Donauuferbahn. Then it jumped into the Danube and swam to the other bank in Lower Austria.

Steaming took too long
The calf landed again on the premises of a company in Ardagger (Amstetten district), was weakened, but was still able to walk into the local quarry via an underpass of the B119. At first they thought of stunning the calf, but according to the vet it can take up to half an hour for the drug to take effect. That was too dangerous because the quarry site is directly adjacent to the roadway of the B119 and it was feared that the animal would run onto the road and cause an accident.

So it was decided to kill the animal because of the acute danger. The last shot was also fired by the owner himself.

Source: Krone


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