Climate activist shocked – pain grip “broke my wrist”


After “painful attacks” on climate activists, the German police are heavily criticized by the group Last Generation. A video of a protester being carried off the street screaming in agony sparked debate. Another activist is now accusing police of breaking his wrist with a so-called pain grip.

In the short clip shared on social media by the last generation, the young man named Lennart holds up his freshly cast right arm towards the camera. “On Wednesday, a police officer broke my wrist with a painful grip while lifting a blockage,” he says (see video above). However, he was sure that the officer did not do it on purpose.

“You Don’t Have to Hurt Us”
“Police officers wouldn’t have to pull us off the street and injure us if the federal government followed basic law,” the activist insists. That means: the German traffic light coalition must take appropriate climate protection measures, then no protests or pain attacks from the police are necessary, according to the general attitude of the last generation.

The activist group considers such actions by police officers during peaceful protests to be “incompatible with the UN ban on torture”. Lawyers also find painkillers inappropriate because there are milder remedies.

On the other hand, Manuel Ostermann, CDU politician and deputy federal chairman of the German police union, sees the use of coercion justified in the incident that first became known on Thursday, as it was announced in advance and the activist did not comply. with the request of the police to clear the street.

Scientists stand with activists
Recently, the climate activists of the last generation received support from 1,400 scientists from German-speaking countries – from Austria, for example, climate researcher Helga Kromp-Kolb. They call on politicians to act more quickly when it comes to climate protection instead of ‘criminalizing’ protesters. Otherwise, they fear that violence will increase. Not by police officers, but by citizens who want to remove roadblocks themselves and injure activists in the process.

Source: Krone


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