Cell phones, seat belts, etc. – traffic offenders are asked to pay more


Mobile phone behind the wheel is now even more expensive! From 1 May you have to pay a fine of 100 euros instead of the previous 50 euros for calling in the car without a hands-free system. The number of safety belt and helmet violations is also increasing considerably.

“In the case of an advertisement – in particular fines caused by photos of distance or speed measurements – fines are possible up to 140 euros,” ÖAMTC chief lawyer Martin Hoffer explained on Tuesday. Seat belts and crash helmets who do not like seat belts and crash helmets are threatened with organ mandates of 50 euros (currently 35 euros) if they pay on the spot. In case of a complaint, up to 100 euros is due.

According to the State Transport Conference, the higher penalties should have a “deterrent effect”. The previous fines seem to have had no effect.

The number of bicycle police officers must be increased
In addition to higher penalties, stricter controls must also be introduced. Interior Minister Gerhard Karner wants to deploy more bicycle officers. There are currently 310 officers patrolling with bicycles, e-bikes and S-pedelecs.

This number will soon be expanded to 350. Bicycle agents throughout Austria have been provided with new personal functional clothing. In the future they will be clearly recognizable by their yellow Windstopper jackets.

Source: Krone


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