Lavrov thanks Beijing – According to the report, China demands: Eastern Ukraine to Russia


Since the start of the war 15 months ago, the Chinese leadership has repeatedly stressed its willingness to negotiate to end hostilities. However, China generally supports Russian President Vladimir Putin. Beijing, through its special envoy Li Hui, apparently spread the following demand in Europe: the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine must be “left to the Russians”.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Li is said to have pushed for an immediate ceasefire during an extensive tour of Europe, with the senior diplomat visiting Kiev, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and Brussels in recent days. On Friday, Li stopped in Moscow and met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

During the conversation, he praised China for its “balanced stance” in the war in Ukraine. Lavrov also acknowledged “Beijing’s willingness to play a positive role in resolving the crisis.” This was announced by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

Lavrov: “West is putting up serious obstacles”
Lavrov accused Ukraine and the West of creating “serious obstacles” to resuming peace talks. What exactly he meant by this has not been disclosed. In the statement, Russia called Kiev’s partners “Western accomplices.” Russia, on the other hand, is ready for a political and diplomatic solution.

In this context, however, the “Wall Street Journal” wrote about a negative attitude of the West. Kiev, as is well known, vehemently rejects the renunciation of territory and will not seriously engage in peace talks until the Russian army has completely withdrawn.

Pope: Russia and Ukraine should talk to each other
In addition to China, Pope Francis has now spoken out in favor of negotiations between the two warring sides. “Only when the two talk to each other, either directly or through intermediaries, can there be peace,” the head of the Catholic Church said in an interview with Spanish-language television station Telemundo, which was taped on Thursday and broadcast on Friday. .

When asked if Russia should leave all Ukrainian territories first as a condition of peace, the pope said these were political issues. But without conversation there can be no peace. At the moment, the Ukrainians are not dreaming of negotiations because they are very strong with the support of the US and the EU.

Source: Krone


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