500 kilos heavy – Lower Austria: napalm bomb found six meters deep


Ammunition experts have made a dangerous and extremely rare find in the ground in Guntramsdorf: a partially detonated incendiary bomb was six and a half meters below the surface!

“Most bombs weigh 250 kilograms. Here we found the largest caliber, 500 kilograms, dropped on Austria during World War II,” said Stefan Plainer, director of EOD Munitionsbergung. Also unusual: it is a napalm bomb that was buried six and a half meters deep in Guntramsdorf in the Mödling district. “By comparison, it only had a small amount of explosives, which were only used to disperse the fuel within a radius of up to 60 meters,” Plainer explains.

Main fuse was still present
In the case of the war relic that has now been found, the rear fuse has probably already exploded. The main fuse was still there, however, and was defused at depth by the Army’s mine clearance service before the bomb could be removed. Plainer was ordered by the owner of the property to search the property because two duds had been sighted on aerial photographs of the war. The area is considered a potential business park.

Source: Krone


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