86 nationals and 319 million make up the list of taxpayers with huge debts to the Treasury in Gipuzkoa


The foral institution has published its eighth register of taxpayers in the territory who owe more than 600,000 euros to the treasury.

The Provincial Treasury of Gipuzkoa today published the eighth list of taxpayers with major debts to the treasury. 86 topics that add up to a total debt of 319 million euros. With regard to the previous list, published in June last year, the main novelty lies in the reduction of the limit to enter, which goes from the previous million euros to the €600,000 of this document. So 50 new taxpayers come in with a debt of 45.5 million, while 7 leave with a debt of 13.4 million.

The list can be consulted at the electronic office of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, here, on the bulletin board. The publication of the names is part of the foral institution’s anti-tax evasion strategy and aims to contribute to the social delegitimization of fraud through the disclosure of objectionable tax behaviour. In other words, the Provincial Treasury is looking do pedagogy around voluntary compliance with tax obligations, to delegitimize attitudes and behaviors condescending to fraud.

listing includes the identifications of those taxpayers whose debts to the Treasuryas of December 31, 2022, above 600,000 euros, with the exception of debts in a voluntary payment term or deferred, staggered or suspended amounts. According to the regulations, the list will be renewed next year, this time with the date of December 31, 2023 as a reference. The publication of the list is not affected by the debtor’s or debtor’s actions after the said reference date.

The placement proposal It is usually communicated to the taxpayer, who has 10 days to make accusations. After that period, the publication agreement will be issued. It is performed by electronic means and is no longer accessible once the three months from the publication date. Likewise, necessary measures are taken so that internet search engines do not have access to this information.

Source: EITB


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