Counteroffensive falters – Russians report renewed drone attack on Moscow


Counteroffensive falters – Russians report renewed drone attack on Moscow

Moscow has apparently been attacked again with drones. No one was injured and there was no major damage, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said Monday morning. The Russian Defense Ministry spoke of an “attempted terrorist attack” with two drones. But this was rejected.

A drone was spotted in the center of the capital and another hit an office building in the south of the city, an emergency services official said. An explosion was heard. Sobyanin spoke of two buildings that had been hit.

Attacks on Moscow
Since the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, drone strikes and acts of sabotage on Russian territory have increased. The country’s capital has also been repeatedly targeted. The last time there were attacks with unmanned aerial vehicles on the capital Moscow was in May. According to the authorities, houses were also damaged and people were injured in an attack at the end of May. As a result, Russian President Vladimir Putin had called for an improvement in their own air defense systems.

Heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine
So far, the Ukrainian counter-offensive has not gone quite according to plan, even if any small territorial gains have been exploited by Kiev propaganda. But at the moment there is a large Russian resistance in the east of the country. The General Staff’s overnight situation report on Sunday spoke of continued Russian attacks between Donetsk in the east and Kuyansk in the northeastern region of Kharkiv. According to these, 27 battles have taken place in the past 24 hours along a front length of about 230 kilometers. The Russian side used more artillery and air power, it said. More than 60 towns in the forward part were reported to have come under Russian rocket and artillery fire. The information has not yet been independently verified.

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