Nine-digit amount – that’s how expensive the damage is after a fire on a cargo ship


The car freighter “Fremantle Highway” with about 3900 loaded vehicles burned for days off the Dutch coast and had to be extinguished and salvaged in a complex operation. Now there is an initial estimate of the damage caused: it should run into the hundreds of millions of euros.

According to experts, the total damage after the explosive fire disaster off the North Sea coast can reach an amount of 240 to 300 million euros, reports the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, citing an industry expert. The destroyed cargo alone was worth 190 to 200 million euros. A damage of approximately 50,000 euros is expected per vehicle. Correspondingly more for the luxury Rolls-Royce bodies, of which, according to the manufacturer, there were a “fewer number” on board.

Total loss of the ship is not yet certain
The damage to the burnt-out ship itself is likely to be between 40 and 100 million euros, depending on its condition. It is currently being determined whether the case is a total loss. The newspaper reported that the ship was insured in Japan for $50 million.

Risky firefighting
The Fremantle Highway caught fire in the Dutch Wadden Sea. Part of the crew had to save themselves by jumping into the sea. One crew member was killed and 22 others were rescued. The fire raged for days before it could be extinguished. The ship was in danger of falling apart, an environmental disaster was feared. The cargo ship is currently in a safe harbor in Eemshaven, the Netherlands.

Source: Krone


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