Shortage of doctors – In practice, statutory health insurance practices are suffering


Runny nose, coughing, hoarseness – the situation in Burgenland’s statutory health insurance practices is getting worse. More and more cash register positions remain unoccupied. The medical association speaks of a precarious situation. There is no silver bullet, but there are solutions that have an impact.

Long waiting times and doctors who can work 24 hours a day have long been commonplace in Burgenland’s health insurers. “The situation cannot get much worse,” said Thomas Bauer, director of the Medical Association, when it comes to filling new vacancies in health insurance. Eleven vacancies were recently advertised and there were only two applicants.

The occupation has become a matter of pure luck; the medical association speaks of a “precarious situation”. There is no magic formula for controlling the shortage of physicians, especially in private practice. “The health care system across Europe is sick,” said Dr. Michael Schriefl, vice president of the Burgenland Medical Association. The alarm has been sounding for over ten years. But what incentives are needed to make the profession of GP more attractive again?

Source: Krone


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