Many import bans – The Kremlin is now warning Russians against traveling to the EU


Following the recommended ban on the import of Russian cars and other items into the EU, the Russian Foreign Ministry has called on all compatriots to “carefully weigh all risks” when traveling to unfriendly states.

There is a lot of excitement in Russia right now. As the European Commission has announced, Russian tourists will now no longer be allowed to import smartphones, laptops or cosmetics into the EU in addition to private cars.

The Russians must be vigilant
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow warns against travel and calls on citizens to be more vigilant and perseverant, as Russian news agency Interfax quotes a corresponding statement from the authority.

Citizens should be aware that by crossing the border they are voluntarily subjecting themselves to the laws of another country. This also means following the laws and standards of the other country.

If problems arise abroad, Russians are encouraged to contact the Foreign Ministry’s crisis center.

Consequences announced
The Russian Foreign Ministry wrote on Telegram that it was closely monitoring the situation. Depending on the actions of the states’ official representatives, Moscow would take action against each country.

Ban on the import of sanctioned goods
On September 8, the European Commission released a statement on how EU countries should deal with the ban on the import of sanctioned goods from Russia, including cars, personal clothing and hygiene products.

The information is not legally binding. A short time later, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Poland announced that they would no longer allow cars with Russian license plates to cross the border.

A new step against the aggressive state
Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski justified the move as “a new element of sanctions against Russia and the people of the country waging a brutal war against Ukraine.” The Russian state poses a threat to international security.

Source: Krone


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