October meeting – “Defending the West”: Putin seeks help from Xi


Leaders in Moscow have called on Beijing to increase cooperation to “defend the West.” The G7 also sees the People’s Republic as playing a crucial role as a mediator in the war in Ukraine – even as China repeatedly threatens global stability.

“Under the conditions of a comprehensive campaign of the collective West to contain Russia and China, the further deepening of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the international arena becomes of particular importance,” said Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the National Security Council in Russia. to the Interfax news agency.

Moscow supports Beijing’s imperial claims
Patrushev, one of President Vladimir Putin’s closest confidantes, assured during a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday that Moscow supports Beijing’s claims to Taiwan, for example. Russia also stands in solidarity with China regarding the regions of Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang, which are inhabited by Muslim Uighurs.

The West accuses China of serious human rights violations in these regions. An attack on the island of Taiwan in particular would have devastating consequences. China’s threats have become bolder and clearer recently. Within a day, dozens of Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s airspace.

Russia has been waging a war of aggression against Ukraine for almost 19 months and has therefore been hit by Western sanctions. China is officially neutral in the conflict. However, Moscow is also trying to circumvent Western sanctions with the help of Beijing.

Xi and Putin are expected to meet in October
According to Patrushev, Putin will travel to Beijing in October for consultations with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. We look forward to the bilateral talks, says the secretary of the National Security Council. In Beijing, Putin will participate in a forum on China’s New Silk Road initiative, Patrushev added.

China is currently building a new route along the legendary Silk Road that will reach numerous countries, including the states of Eastern Europe. Moreover, Russia is increasingly seeking solidarity with China in the course of its war against Ukraine.

The G7 countries call on China to take action
The foreign ministers of the G7 countries have called on China to put pressure on Russia to withdraw immediately, completely and unconditionally from Ukraine. The People’s Republic is encouraged to work towards a just and lasting peace, including through direct dialogue with Ukraine, the foreign ministers said in a joint statement.

It was published on the sidelines of the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York, which will also be attended by Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen and Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg.

At the end of February, the People’s Republic called for a ceasefire and negotiations in the twelve-point memorandum, but this was viewed with skepticism in the political West because the diplomats did not see any new initiative in it – and would strengthen the borders that had existed for a long time. moved by force.

Source: Krone


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