“People Not Profit” – 5,000 people demonstrated together with Greta Thunberg


During a protest march in the Swedish capital Stockholm, thousands of people demanded more climate justice and a quick exit from coal, oil and gas. The demonstration participants, including Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and other mostly young people, marched from a square within sight of the Swedish parliament south of the city on Friday.

Thunberg and other colleagues spoke in the afternoon about about 5,000 participants; the police did not provide their own estimate until then. “We cannot be stopped, another world is possible!” Thunberg wrote about the protest on Twitter (X). Footage showed the 20-year-old happily shouting into a megaphone during the march.

Fridays for the Future: “People don’t make profit”
At the front of the demonstration, activists from the Fridays for Future climate movement held a large banner with the inscription ‘People Not Profit’ in their hands. The protest was against the burning of fossil fuels, but also against the country’s conservative government.

Activists: CO2 offenders must take responsibility
“We need fundamental change in our political and economic systems to enable climate justice,” march organizers demanded on Facebook. Climate justice is about, among other things, rich countries with historically high CO2 emissions taking greater responsibility in solving the climate crisis and providing better support to the states and regions of the world that contribute least to climate change but are already heavily be affected by its consequences. .

Source: Krone


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