“Increase the quota” – Chamber of Pharmacists promises support for vaccinations


The Chamber of Pharmacists is now taking action in the debate about vaccination, caused by delays in corona immunization among practicing doctors. In a broadcast on Friday, she had lined up supporters of vaccination in the pharmacy, including the black and red elderly organizations, the Lower Austrian patient advocate Gerald Bachinger and vaccination expert Hedwig Roggendorf. It said there were 2,000 pharmacists available and there was broad support.

Ingrid Korosec, president of the ÖVP seniors’ association, was quoted. “A close and easily accessible vaccination offer is essential, especially for the elderly. The possibility of receiving vaccinations in pharmacies in the future increases the vaccination rate among the population, which is especially essential for the protection of vulnerable groups,” she explained.

Association of Pensioners: “The next logical step”
Peter Kostelka, chairman of the Association of Pensioners, which is closely linked to the SPÖ, has a similar opinion: “The pharmacies are already a central health contact point for the older generation. An additional vaccination offer is just the next logical step.”

‘Pharmacists can increase vaccination rates’
Bachinger emphasized flexibility and convenience as benefits for patients. “International examples show that well-trained pharmacists with additional supply make an important contribution to increasing vaccination rates among the population,” he said. Roggendorf regarded the Austrian Medical Association’s doubts about the professional suitability of pharmacists as wrong and unfounded: “The vaccination training of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists corresponds to international examples of best practice and need not shy away from comparison.”

Source: Krone


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