Federal army in action – sabre-rattling in Kosovo: Austrians in the middle


According to US intelligence services, Serbia is gathering troops on the border with Kosovo. The situation is “very tense” – also for about 270 soldiers in the Austrian army.

After the fatal attack by a Serbian commando on police officers in northern Kosovo a week ago, the situation continued to escalate: according to US intelligence, Serbia is said to have carried out an “unprecedented troop build-up” on the border with Kosovo. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken then called on Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in a phone call for the immediate withdrawal of troops, saying Serbia’s behavior was “destabilizing”.

Austrian military police in the disputed border area
Several military police officers from the Federal Army are currently deployed in the ‘hot zone’, northern Kosovo. There is talk of a news blackout on the NATO side, but as the “Krone” of Pristina has learned, the situation on the ground is assessed as “very tense”.

The remainder of the approximately 270-strong Austrian KFOR contingent led by Colonel of the General Staff Berthold Sandtner is ready for operations in the interior; troop protection has already been increased.

Serbia demands the return of Kosovo
Kosovo, now inhabited almost exclusively by Albanians, seceded from Serbia in 1999 with NATO help and declared independence in 2008. More than a hundred countries recognize independence, but not Serbia, which reclaims its former province.

Source: Krone


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