Had a body in the car – The “Sworn King” is now in court


On November 10, Florian O., the former hero of the critics of the measures, will have to answer for trivializing the Holocaust in Linz. The trial would actually have taken place in the summer of last year. But O. went into hiding and reappeared eleven months later with a body in the trunk.

The time has come on November 10: Florian O. (39) will have to answer for §3h before the jury in Linz. This paragraph is part of the Prohibition Act, which banned the NSDAP in 1945 and regulated denazification in Austria. In 1992, the “3h” was added, which prohibited the denial, trivialization, approval and justification of “National Socialist genocide or other National Socialist crimes against humanity.”

The penalty is one to ten years in prison, or up to twenty years if the crime is particularly dangerous.

Covid measures compared to Holocaust
But what exactly is Florian O., a once-praised organic gardener who became the ‘king’ of the Schwurbler scene thanks to his endless tirades at the anti-corona measures demonstrations on Linz’s main square, accused of? According to the Linz Public Prosecutor’s Office, he claimed that the Corona measures were as bad as the Holocaust ever was. So exactly the facts of “3h”.

The deceased woman was in the trunk
Florian O. should have appeared in court in Linz on August 31, 2022. Instead, he went into hiding for eleven months until he was arrested by police in Ansfelden on July 23. His first words were: “I know I’m wanted, I have no driver’s license and no body in the trunk.”

The couple’s two sons (15 and eleven years old) and daughter (five years old) were in the car with him. In the trunk of the Mazda was the body of his wife Tanja (38), wrapped in sheets. She had succumbed to cancer four hours earlier.

The procedure for disturbing the peace of the dead is carried out separately. According to the report by psychiatrist Adelheid Kastner, Florian O. is “normal”.

Source: Krone


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