Fine of 200 euros – Wiener caused an avalanche and endangered his own son


An avalanche warning level of four was in effect, but a skier was said to have skied down a steep slope with his 13-year-old son. On the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See such incredible masses of snow were driven away: the avalanche was 300 meters wide and 800 meters long. He denied it until the end and filed a full appeal. The judgment is therefore not legally binding.

The then 44-year-old and his 13-year-old son managed to get out of the slope in time. They were not swept away by the masses of snow and were unharmed. Members of the piste and mountain rescue team pulled the two Viennese out of a ditch and back onto the piste.

According to the police, when the holidaymaker was identified, he was very unreasonable about the dangers in the Alps and played down the situation. The Salzburg public prosecutor’s office now accused him of acting recklessly and thus endangering the lives of his son (who is under criminal responsibility, mind you) and other people – such as the emergency services.

The penalty would have been a maximum of three months in prison or a fine of up to 180 daily rates. The fine of 200 euros that is now being imposed is made up of 50 daily rates of four euros each.

Source: Krone


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