Participants shown – Graz: Pro-Palestine demonstration on Griesplatz resolved


Participants shown – Graz: Pro-Palestine demonstration on Griesplatz resolved

According to the Styrian police, a banned demonstration took place on Griesplatz on Friday evening. Those present spoke out in favor of the Palestinian side in the conflict in the Middle East, which has been escalating for almost two weeks. There were about 80 people present.

The demonstrators probably gathered at Griesplatz around 5 p.m. “The demonstration was actually prohibited,” police spokesman Fritz Grundnig explained to “Krone”. There were still 70 to 80 people who announced that they were on Palestine’s side in the Gaza war.

The police arrived on the scene and quickly broke up the demonstration. “The mood was calm, but those present defied police instructions.” Some face administrative charges. The organizers are the “Styrian Peace Platform” and “Palestine Solidarity Austria”.

An arrest also took place, but not in connection with the demonstration: one person did not have a valid residence permit for Austria and was arrested under immigration law.

The 14-year-old Syrian wanted to ‘destroy’ Graz
Yesterday, Thursday, a Tiktok video caused a stir. A Syrian (14), who has lived in Graz since 2015, called for the “destruction” of the state capital. Investigators examined him and a report was filed.

Similar demos already took place last week on the Südtirolerplatz. They were also banned and disbanded by the authorities. However, there were only about 30 people present.

The Jewish community is worried
Not far from Griesplatz, on the Mur, is the synagogue in Graz. Many Jewish citizens are currently affected by hostility. “I receive emails that are not exactly full of pleasantries,” Elie Rosen, chairman of the Jewish community in Graz, told the “Krone”. He fears that an Israeli ground offensive will lead to a ‘further reversal between perpetrator and victim’.

Source: Krone


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