Hunters appeal – dog hunted deer goat: animal died in agony


That the dog is related to the wolf was revealed this week in the Tyrolean Zirl: a deer died there after an attack by a dog. Hunter Jörg Tschoner calls on dog owners to keep their animals on a leash during walks.

“Tuesday evening a good friend told me that he had discovered a dead, eaten deer behind his house in the Zirl district of Eigenhofen,” says Jörg Tschoner. “I then went on the spot and found a one-year-old deer, a so-called narrow goat,” said Tschoner, one of five hunters in the Zirler district. “Its hind legs were torn open – clearly from a dog bite. The one-year-old goat then escaped with serious injuries, but eventually died horribly.”

The place where the unfortunate animal was found is just above a footpath between Eigenhofen and Dirschenbach on the edge of the forest. According to the hunter Tschoner, deer like to graze in these peripheral zones to the pastures.

Innate hunting instinct
The dead animal is believed to have been the victim of an off-leash walking dog – which was likely on Sunday. “I found out that someone was looking for his dog that day and he got lost,” Tschoner says. “The dog then simply acted out its innate hunting instinct and tracked down the deer. He bites the animal, but does not kill it, but then releases it.” The sad result is known.

Urgent call to comply with line obligation
Jörg Tschoner calls on dog owners to stick to the mandatory leash. This is not a limitation for the four-legged friends, especially since there are already ten meters of lines on which the dog can move freely.

The belt is especially important at the moment. Because the goats now have offspring in the spring. Fortunately, the dead goat from Eigenhofen did not have a fawn.

Source: Krone


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