“November protests” – The last generation blocks traffic in Vienna again


About seventy Last Generation activists paralyzed traffic in the early morning at various locations in Vienna on Tuesday. Further protests in November cannot be ruled out.

‘No glue, but several spontaneous protests’ was apparently the motto of the Last Generation on Tuesday morning. About seventy activists again inflamed the minds of dozens of motorists by repeatedly closing streets and intersections in Vienna for short periods in small groups, unannounced.

The Schwedenplatz, the western entrance, the Matzleinsdorfer Platz at Triester Straße and the Franz-Josefs-Kai were hit. Other groups gathered at the Reichsbrücke intersection on Lassallestrasse Vorgartenstrasse and on Erzherzog-Karl-Strasse.

The activists announced this. This can also be seen in some shared videos from Last Generation, uploaded under ‘November Protests’. Further protests in November cannot therefore be ruled out.

In total, several dozen actions will take place on Tuesday morning, it was emphasized. “We will expand our protests,” spokeswoman Laila Fusiz said of the stricter measures announced by Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) the day before.

Hands embedded in concrete
Because on Monday, climate glues in and around Vienna already caused traffic jams that lasted for miles. A new method was used on the southern highway: the hands were not glued, but actually set in concrete. The police arrested 57 people.

“The longer the government ignores our demand to implement the Climate Council’s recommendations, the more unpleasant our protest becomes,” Marina Hagen-Canaval explains, explaining the new tactic in a broadcast shared shortly afterwards.

Source: Krone


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