Kicked and injured – Young man saw red and spat at police officer


Screaming and fighting, a 22-year-old man defended himself against the police shortly after midnight on Tuesday at Keplerplatz in Vienna-Favoriten. The young man allegedly injured an opponent. However, the aggressive bully wouldn’t budge, he was arrested. Then he saw red at the police station.

After the officers got the upper hand over the violent and spitting man and were able to arrest him, the situation escalated further at the nearby police station.

death threats and kicking
The 22-year-old tried to resist arrest with kicks in the back of his knees, death threats against relatives of the officers and other assaults. Both the suspect and a police officer were injured in the fight. Both had to be taken to hospital by the Vienna rescue service for outpatient treatment.

After the young man was treated, police drove him back to the detention rooms of a police station. The 22-year-old can expect various advertisements. The injured officer was unable to continue his duties.

Source: Krone


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