After an argument in Upper Austria, Rabiater’s son hit and kicked his mother


How can you beat your own mother? In Bad Schallerbach, a 27-year-old completely panicked during an argument. He knocked his 63-year-old mother to the ground and kicked her several times. The man has now been arrested by the police.

The 27-year-old from Bad Schallerbach attacked his mother, who lived in the same house, last Thursday. The 63-year-old then locked himself in the rooms on the ground floor. This made the son even angrier.

Window broken
The 27-year-old followed her, broke a window, entered the building and followed his mother, who had since fled outside. There he caught up with her and knocked her to the ground. He then kicked her several times in the head and upper body. The arrest was ordered by the Wels public prosecutor’s office and the 27-year-old was taken to Wels prison. The reason for the dispute is unknown.

Source: Krone


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