The wildest scandals – counterfeiters and fraudsters: how the cultural scene cheats


Masterpieces by Vermeer that never existed. Written-off bestsellers. Plagiarized number 1 hits. Copied scripts. The cultural scene is teeming with creative people who get their creativity from external sources and mislead their audiences. Krone+ shows that Milli Vanilli is not an isolated case.

Quick rise, deeper fall: “Girl You Know It’s True” opens in local theaters on December 21. The film with Matthias Schweighöfer tells the incredible story of the successful pop duo Milli Vanilli – and probably the biggest fraud scandal in music history! When it became known in the early 1990s that Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan had not sung their many super hits themselves, but had only moved their lips to the voices of others, an indignant cry went through the global music industry.

Source: Krone


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