Ansfeldener accused: Owner of tortured dogs now faces jail time


It will probably be even worse than what investigators feared in early September during a raid on a house in Ansfelden (Upper Austria). At the time, as reported, 44 starving dogs were discovered in the basement of a 45-year-old – the owner allegedly mistook them for fighting, among other things.

The officers also seized weapons and drugs. Now the full extent of the horror is becoming visible: the indictment against the well-known 45-year-old has been completed and includes a total of five charges.

Drugs, weapons, counterfeit money
First of all, the Ansfelden resident, who is presumed innocent, must appear in court for animal cruelty. “We assume that there are fifty dogs that have not been kept in a species-friendly manner,” prosecutor spokeswoman Ulrike Breiteneder told the “Krone”. Animal rights activists reported after the search: The condition of the four-legged friends was dire, some of them were covered with scars, feces and urine.

Up to five years in prison
In addition, large quantities of drugs were found in the home of the 45-year-old, who had already been convicted under the Prohibition Act, including approximately 5.6 kilograms of amphetamine. As a result, the suspects are now exposed to lawsuits for preparing drug trafficking and trafficking.

Fourthly, the man is suspected of criminal offenses under the Weapons Act. The raid also revealed license plates that were not his. Therefore, the 45-year-old must also appear in court for document suppression.

The suspect, who faces up to five years in prison if convicted, has not yet responded to the charges. This will probably change no later than January 29, when he will be tried.

Source: Krone


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