Bilbobus maintains the 24-hour strike for this Thursday, Saint Thomas’ Day


The works council met with management today, but the parties did not reach an agreement. That is why the protest calendar announced by the unions will be maintained.

The Bilbobus Commission will 24-hour strike for next Thursdaycelebration of Saint Thomas, as well four-hour breaks in turn for Friday the 22nd, after no agreement was reached at next Wednesday’s meeting with the company.

In a statement, the committee and Bilbobus employees said asked for understanding of all citizens with the announcement of these two consecutive days of strikes “in light of labor violations by the Alsa-Transitia company and the complicit silence of the City Council.”

The strike will last 24 hours on December 21, from 7am to 11am in the morning and from 5pm to 9pm on Friday the 22nd.

The committee has indicated that while it welcomes the fact that meetings are taking place between the parties, it regrets that the meeting “did not serve to provide a definitive solution to the conflict.”

For this reason, they are maintaining the protests planned for this week next Friday, December 29 They foresee another day of 24-hour strike. He added that if they continue without an agreement, they will start the year with strikes on January 4.

“Repeated non-compliance”

The commission has warned about some of the company’s “repeated non-compliance”. “violates” workers’ rightssuch as the “non-payment of part of the salary” in case of temporary disability or the “blatant non-compliance” with the agreement when writing off jobs in cabins, inspectors, workshops and many other issues.

The president of the works council, José Fernández, has stated that “to the loss of these rights” is added the loss of purchasing power of the staff, who have not updated the agreement since 2021.

Source: EITB


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