Small talk with tomatoes – start of pseudo-election campaign: Putin “feels the power”


In literally the furthest corner of his empire, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has started the pro forma election campaign for the upcoming presidential elections. The 71-year-old made it clear on Wednesday that he considers himself fully capable despite his old age: “I feel within myself the strength, the energy to work to fulfill the tasks facing the country.”

The visit to the remote Chukchi Peninsula in the Arctic Circle was primarily intended to cultivate image more than two months before the elections.

Kremlin ruler in a chattering mood
In Anadyr, the capital of the Chukotka region in the Far East, where winter prevails for most of the year, Putin was shown tomato production in a greenhouse. He then spoke to citizens and also told private matters.

Sober student job and two hours of exercise
While studying law, he qualified as a carpenter and made quite a bit of money building windows, the ex-secret agent said. To stay fit, he exercises for two hours every day.

Putin also promised to address regional issues, such as the lack of obstetric care options in Chukotka. He did not talk about the heat supply problems that currently occur in many places in the middle of winter.

Putin told the veterans of the war of aggression against Ukraine that he ordered that they be allowed to remain in the army after injury and work in the collection offices.

The next victory is already certain
Even though state control does not allow for any outcome other than a victory for Putin in the March 17 presidential election, the ruler, who has been in the Kremlin for almost a quarter of a century, is keen to create a positive atmosphere for himself and his rule in advance. So there will likely be several facial bath appointments in the coming weeks, like Wednesday’s in the Far East.

Source: Krone


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