Stewardess injured – cruel passenger forced plane to turn back


A plane bound for the US was forced to turn back due to an unusual incident: a 55-year-old “very drunk” man bit a flight attendant on the arm and slightly injured her, Japanese airline All Nippon Airways said. The feisty passenger doesn’t want to remember anything.

The plane was en route from Tokyo to the US with 159 passengers when the 55-year-old bitten. After the attack, the pilot returned across the Pacific Ocean and landed back at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

Drunken man probably doesn’t remember anything
There, the drunk man was eventually handed over to the police by airline employees. Like Japanese broadcaster TBS, the suspect told investigators he “couldn’t remember the incident at all.”

On online networks, users joked that the incident was reminiscent of the “beginning of a zombie movie.” Others complained that the recent incidents in Japanese aviation had actually been more than enough.

Serious accident at the airport a few weeks ago
The worst of the previous four incidents within just over two weeks occurred on January 2 at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. A Japan Airlines (JAL) plane collided with a Japanese Coast Guard plane after landing and burned out. All 379 passengers on the passenger plane were able to save themselves with the help of emergency slides. However, five crew members on board the Coast Guard aircraft were killed; only the pilot survived and was seriously injured.

Source: Krone


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