Worse Averted – Brave Dad Stopped Horror Ride on Highway


“I would do it again,” says Alexander Bröckl after preventing something worse on the Westautobahn on Sunday evening. The courageous 37-year-old from Ampflwang stopped a truly horrific drive by a 59-year-old from Salzburg who was behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level of 2.46.

“I actually wanted to overtake her, but I noticed that she was always driving left and right,” says Bröckl, who was driving on the A1 between Thalgau and Mondsee at the time with his partner and their three children. The father of a daughter called the police.

“In the meantime, she repeatedly drove into the central barrier,” says the 37-year-old about the drunk driver in front of him, who endangered not only himself but also others and continued to drive despite her collisions.

Key removed
To protect other road users, Bröckl drove behind the 59-year-old in the construction zone in the middle of the road, so that no one could overtake. The courageous 37-year-old “chased” the alcoholic driver for 15 to 20 minutes before stopping at the Mondsee rest stop.

“I opened the car door and took out the key,” said the professional truck driver, who then waited in the parking lot until police were called. The officers confiscated the car keys, but could no longer take away the drunk driver’s driver’s license: it had already been revoked from the 59-year-old.

Source: Krone


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