Had a son with her – woman opened fire in a huge American church


A woman opened fire with a long gun at a well-known megachurch in Houston, Texas on Sunday. She was shot shortly afterwards by security forces present, as the responsible police authority announced at a press conference.

The security forces consisted of two off-duty police officers. The shooter had her seven-year-old son with her, police said. The boy was shot during the gunfight and is in critical condition.

Shortly after the crime, police initially spoke of an estimated five-year-old child. An uninvolved man was also injured in the leg in the attack.

Background still unclear
The church is the Lakewood church of Protestant famous preacher Joel Osteen. According to media reports, 45,000 people in Lakewood attend the weekly services. However, according to the church’s website, no service was taking place at the time of the crime. According to police, the investigation is still ongoing.

It was too early to name a motive for the crime, police said Monday. However, “some anti-Semitic writings” were discovered. There are indications that the suspected perpetrator was involved in a dispute with her ex-husband’s family, some of whom were Jewish. However, the investigations continued. According to previous findings, the woman acted alone.

School shootings are now part of everyday life in the US
In the US, disasters and deadly shootings are unfortunately part of everyday life. Firearms are easily available there and widely distributed. Bloody attacks with many victims regularly shake the country – for example at schools, supermarkets, nightclubs or at major events. In most cases the perpetrators are men. Gun attacks by women are statistically rare.

After each major attack of this kind, there are new calls to tighten gun laws, including banning assault rifles, which are regularly used in mass shootings. However, the demands are in vain, not least because of the resistance from Republican ranks.

Source: Krone


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