Murder in erotic studio – neighbor: ‘Never forget the screams of women’


During the knife disaster in an erotic club in Vienna, a victim was able to hide and survive. An Afghan man is in custody on suspicion of being a triple murderer. A traumatized young mother says women’s screams continued throughout the night.

Shahadat (26) lives with her husband and 3-year-old son above the erotic club 126A-Studio on Engerthstrasse in Vienna. Saturday night was traumatic for the heavily pregnant woman. One floor below, three women were slaughtered with a knife. They will never forget their dramatic suffering. Suspected perpetrator was illegally in Vienna. The perpetrator is said to be a 26-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan (in Austria since the end of November 2022) who was actually housed in guarded accommodation in Carinthia and the The federal state actually should not have leave. The victims are three women. Asian love servants, it was initially said. According to reports, the operator of the red light club could also be among the victims. However, due to the enormous violence of the perpetrator, it is difficult to determine the identity with certainty. Blood trail led to Park. Saturday afternoon, there was a small glimmer of hope in the whole tragedy: a woman had survived the knife disaster and was able to hide in a room in Studio 126A, locked up until the perpetrator, covered in blood, fled. But he didn’t get far. He was injured and left a trail of blood and tried to hide in the park across the street with the knife in his hand. Only a police taser stopped him. But what drove the Afghan to this insane act? Was it an insult to honor as the last customer, was it simply religious hatred of women who worked in the red light district? The motive is unclear. It will come to light from the interviews that have not yet been completed: Neighbors want to move, the pregnant Shahadat does not want an explanation for this. She just wants to get out of this house. “I’ll never forget the women’s screams.” The screaming and then the sudden silence.
Source: Krone


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