Accident in Innsbruck – moped rider seriously injured in collision with car


Fatal traffic accident Wednesday morning in Innsbruck! A 30-year-old motorist overlooked a moped rider (21) when he drove out of an underground parking garage. The young woman fell and suffered serious shoulder and arm injuries.

The accident took place shortly before 7:30 am on Wednesday in the Wilten district of Innsbruck: “A 30-year-old Austrian woman drove her car out of the exit of an underground parking garage and collided with a 21-year-old Austrian moped rider due to limited or obstructed visibility,” police said.

The young woman was taken to the clinic
The moped driver fell and was ‘seriously injured in the shoulder and arm area’, according to officials. She was taken to the Innsbruck clinic by the rescue team. There was material damage to the front of the car and the moped was severely damaged.

Source: Krone


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