“Rare event” – Week without traffic fatalities for the first time in ten years


For the first time in ten years, there were no road deaths in Austria last week. No one was killed in traffic between February 26 and March 3.

If there are no late reports, this would be the first calendar week in ten years in which there were no fatalities, according to the KFV calculations. It is an ‘extremely rare event’.

The motorcycle season will probably start earlier
At the same time, greater driving discipline is required. With spring approaching and mild temperatures, the 2024 motorcycle season could start earlier, which could lead to an increase in traffic fatalities.

In general, however, the picture is positive: according to preliminary figures, 33 people had fatal road traffic accidents in this country from the beginning of this year to the end of last week. In the same period last year there were already 55 people, including late registrations.

The main causes of accidents are still distraction and incorrect speed.

Source: Krone


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