Before Daughter’s Day – Experts: “Women should have more confidence in themselves”


Before Daughter’s Day – Experts: “Women should have more confidence in themselves”

Unfortunately, women in men’s jobs are still a rarity. There are currently better career opportunities and higher salaries, especially in these classic sectors.

Statistics show: Women are overrepresented in part-time work – with all the negative side effects this entails. They are also significantly more likely to work in sectors with lower average incomes. But Margarete Kriz-Zwittkovits, CEO of Frau in Wirtschaft Wien, is convinced that this does not have to be the case. “It is important that women are aware of their capabilities and can also be successful in male-dominated areas,” she emphasizes during a visit to a construction site. Sigrid Kobierski, master builder and boss at Hammerl Bau, is in charge there. She is the third generation to lead the company with approximately 50 employees. Next year the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Kobierski: “I grew up in the industry and got to know it that way. Now I want to pass this understanding on to other women and girls. Because there is nothing we as women can’t do. Women need to have more confidence in themselves.”

Win win situation
And this commitment is already having an impact. Despite the historical dominance of men in the construction industry, more and more women are showing a growing interest in careers in traditionally male-dominated fields. The benefits: Women bring not only technical knowledge, but also creative and interpersonal skills that lead to innovative solutions.

Kriz-Zwittkovits: “The increased integration of female specialists in the construction sector also offers companies several benefits: Women can help combat the shortage of skilled workers by replacing men who retire. Female specialists are seen as innovative, empathetic and have fine motor skills, which can benefit construction companies. Employers with a gender balance in their workforce appear more attractive and modern. And mixed teams are often more efficient and achieve better work results.”

Figures confirm the trend
The Vienna Chamber of Commerce has recorded an increase in the number of women in the previously male-dominated construction sector since 2001. According to the 2001 administration, in which only 21 female entrepreneurs were registered in the construction specialist group, this number has more than doubled and currently stands at 57. Over the years there has been a continuous increase. Ten years ago, in 2013, the number of female bosses in the construction industry was around 40 sole proprietorships, a significant increase compared to the early years. Kriz-Zwittkovits: “This development reflects a positive trend and underlines the growing interest among women in careers in the construction sector. A positive trend with room for improvement.”

Typically masculine? Not for the women entrepreneurs of Vienna
On the occasion of Vienna’s Daughter’s Day on April 25, Margarete Kriz-Zwittkovits, president of Woman in Business Vienna, highlights the growing presence of women in traditionally male professions. Particularly striking is the increase in the number of girls who decide to do an internship in the fields of electrical engineering, paint/coating technology, mechatronics and flooring. In the field of electrical engineering, the proportion of women increased from 3.1 percent in 2013 to 9.4 percent in 2023. Similar increases were also recorded in apprenticeships for painting/coating technicians, mechatronics engineers and floor layers. These figures clearly show the positive change in traditionally male-dominated industries and professions.

Kriz-Zwittkovits: “Daughter’s Day on April 25 is a great opportunity to show the variety of career options and break through prejudices.”

Information about Daughter’s Day

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