New house rules – Deutsche Bahn bans smoking weed in its train stations


At the beginning of April, our German neighbors legalized cannabis products – with restrictions. A circumstance that now forces Deutsche Bahn (DB) to adjust its house rules accordingly. The corresponding ban posters will be hung at train stations as early as next week.

“Based on the legal ban on cannabis use during the day in pedestrian areas or around schools and playgrounds, we want to protect our travelers, especially children and young people, at our train stations. Therefore, we will generally ban the consumption of cannabis in our train stations. “We are adjusting our house rules as quickly as possible,” a DB spokeswoman told “Bild”. This will be ready and legally valid in about four weeks.

Any violations of the amended house rules will only be punished from July 1, the newspaper reports. Until then, DB employees should use ‘friendly instructions and advice’ to encourage people not to smoke cannabis near train stations, it is said. However, tobacco may still be smoked in specially designated areas.

Cannabis has been legal for adults since April
Since April 1, possession, consumption and cultivation of the drug (but only for personal use) has been permitted for persons aged 18 and over. Smoking cannabis in the presence of children and young people, during the day in pedestrian areas, on playing and sports fields and within sight of schools and kindergartens is prohibited.

People over the age of 18 are now allowed to carry a maximum of 25 grams of the drug in public and a maximum of 50 grams at home. In addition, you are allowed to have a maximum of three cannabis plants in your home.

From July, so-called cultivation associations will be allowed to grow and distribute cannabis to their members under strict conditions under state control. At the same time, the law provides for measures to prevent addiction.

Berlin then wants to tighten the law
The German government then wants to tighten the cannabis law. According to a draft law from which the “Augsburger Allgemeine” quoted on Saturday, the coalition mainly wants to prevent commercial structures from arising during cultivation. For example, multiple cultivation associations may not operate plantations in the same place or in the same building.

Source: Krone


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