Eisenstadt Trial – Shot and beaten by banknote collectors


Two Slovaks allegedly shot an Austrian while he was collecting money, seriously assaulted him and threatened him with death. The trial at the regional court is extended.

The indictment reads like a crime novel. In October 2023, two Slovaks allegedly seriously assaulted Patrick S. from Vienna in a house in Kittsee because he could not pay his debts of 50,000 euros. We’re talking: handcuffs; Duct tape; six shots from a gas pistol at the victim; blows to the head and body; a hammer; a thrombosis syringe with which the HIV virus was allegedly injected; a mousetrap that snapped shut and broke a pencil as a deterrent. “Pick a finger,” one of the Slovaks is said to have said.

Hours of martyrdom
The ordeal is said to have lasted for hours before the victim was able to report to Kittsee Hospital. From there the police were contacted. It is said that he feared for his life during the crime, was in pain for several weeks afterwards and still has a scar today.

The men now had to appear before the Eisenstadt Regional Court. The first suspect (32), who allegedly shot, had just come from the hairdresser, was wearing a tailor-made suit, glasses that underlined his seriousness and had a thick folder under his arm. He studied law and political science and is a management consultant. The second suspect (31) is described more quickly; the web designer probably borrowed his suit from an overweight man. Both pleaded “not guilty” without hesitation.

He reportedly owed millions of dollars
Yes, there was an argument. “But it was solely verbal. It was an arranged business meeting,” said the academic, who said he had confronted Patrick S. with a class action lawsuit. “He has debts to different people. There are millions in total. He must not have liked the idea.” Did he threaten to kill the person who refused to pay? “I studied law. I certainly wouldn’t say such stupid things.”

The trial was postponed. The judge wants to question officers and the alleged victim. A medical expert report on the injuries will also be requested. It is the presumption of innocence.

Source: Krone


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