Explosive clash of arms – Taiwan surrounded, China already testing “occupation”


Not only is the Chinese saber-rattling around Taiwan becoming increasingly intense, the military is also making it abundantly clear that it should not be taken lightly. The current exercises would test the “ability to seize power” – for example, to “occupy key areas” of Taiwan. Taiwan was already surrounded.

The situation around the island state is finally threatening to become a powder keg. In addition to the large-scale military exercise, the situation is escalating, especially verbally. China, which otherwise appears very diplomatic to the outside world, even spoke of “shattered skulls” on Thursday.

Nearly fifty fighter jets circle the island
The two-day exercises will test the “ability to jointly seize power, carry out joint attacks and control key areas,” military spokesman Li Xi said on Friday, according to state media. The Taiwanese government announced that China had sent the largest number of fighter jets yet to the island republic as part of the two-day exercise.

49 aircraft were registered near the island in the past 24 hours, the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense announced in Taipei on Friday morning (local time). According to the ministry, 35 of the aircraft flew over the center line in the Taiwan-Taiwan Strait China (Taiwan Strait) entered Taiwan’s air defense zone. In addition, 19 Chinese naval vessels and seven Chinese coast guard vessels were spotted.

China sees peace in the region in danger
China further stoked tensions on Thursday with military exercises, naval ships and military aircraft and the threat of bloodshed. This happened a few days after the inauguration of Taiwan’s new president, Lai Ching-te (William Lai). The former doctor is seen as a “dangerous separatist” who would endanger peace in the region.

Taiwan seceded from communist mainland China 75 years ago at the end of a civil war. Beijing views the island with 23 million inhabitants as a breakaway province that must be reunited with the mainland, if necessary with military force.

Will the situation escalate to war?
Taiwan expert Gunter Schubert explained to “Ippen.media” that the threatening gestures towards Taiwan were “symbolic politics and in a sense a kind of ritual.” China has been sending fighter planes and warships near the island almost every day for years. However, a serious attack is still considered unlikely.

“No one knows when and if China will actually intervene militarily – perhaps the Chinese government itself does not know that,” Schubert continued. Like him, several experts in the region doubt that China has yet drawn up an attack plan.

The chances of success for China are probably slim
Last year, the American think tank CSIS published an analysis with various possible attack scenarios. The conclusion: If the US and Japan side with Taiwan, China would likely lose a “conventional” attack.

However, the Allies’ victory would come at a high price: “The United States and its allies lose dozens of ships, hundreds of aircraft and tens of thousands of soldiers. “Taiwan’s economy would be devastated,” CSIS analysts said.

Source: Krone


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