Investigation in Germany – Racist attack: Girl not injured after all?


Investigation in Germany – Racist attack: Girl not injured after all?

There was great excitement over an alleged racist attack on two girls from Ghana in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. But after analysis of the first video recordings, Friday’s incident appears in a different light.

“According to the current status of the investigation, the eight-year-old girl has not suffered any physical injuries that would indicate the crime described in the first report,” the Rostock police station said Monday evening. It was previously said that the child had been kicked in the face, among other things.

The eight-year-old was out with his ten-year-old sister on Friday evening in the Mecklenburg city of Grevesmühlen. The younger of the two wanted to ride past a young person on her scooter. “He apparently blocked the girl’s way with his outstretched leg and hit her with the tip of his foot,” police said. At the time, a large group of young people were in the area. The children then turned to their parents in fear and crying.

Parents wanted to confront young people with it
The girls’ parents wanted to confront the youths, police said. Verbal and physical arguments then broke out. “Xenophobic insults were also uttered,” the report continued.

Source: Krone


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