Spider horror: great fear of small creatures


Spider horror: great fear of small creatures

The aversion to spiders is great – and Hollywood knows how to insidiously play on our fears. The spider horror “Sting” will be released in theaters on June 20. But why are we disgusted by eight-legged creatures? Krone+ interviewed a zoologist and a horror expert – with chilling results.

Actually, it all starts quite innocently. Twelve-year-old Charlotte finds a tiny spider in an airshaft in her dilapidated New York apartment, which she promptly adopts. The problem: the supposed pet is growing at a record pace and developing a murderous appetite for human flesh. To say that director Kiah Roache-Turner’s horror shocker ‘Sting’, which hits our cinemas from next Thursday, is not for arachnophobia would be a bold understatement.

Source: Krone


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