Nuremberg Trial – farmer wanted to impale his neighbor


Nuremberg Trial – farmer wanted to impale his neighbor

A brutal farmer who tried to impale his neighbor with an iron bar is currently on trial in Nuremberg. The dispute between the two started eleven years ago when the attacked Alexander K. rented a farm in Bavaria.

No one knows the exact reason anymore. According to a report by ‘Bild’, the two men attacked each other for years with pitchforks and iron bolts. Even small things escalated: when Alexander K.’s son (44) cycled too close to the house of Ulrich F. (71), the farmer threw paving stones at him. A court then ordered a ban on approaching him. There was a constant stream of advertisements.

‘Go away, old pig’
August 20, 2023 marked the culmination of the eleven-year dispute between the two men. The 44-year-old cattle farmer was standing in his transport truck in the village street in Parsberg to unload something. At that moment, the 71-year-old also wanted to drive on with his tractor. “Drive away or I’ll just push you away,” he allegedly told his neighbor. He did not comply with the request, and Ulrich F. continued with the words “Damn you, you old pig!”

What actions followed. The farmer rammed the transport truck seven meters and eventually attacked his neighbor. He pushed him against a dumpster with the shovel and stabbed him with an iron bar, the complaint said.

Life-threatening injuries
Alexander K. suffered life-threatening injuries and was flown to a hospital. When the police rang Ulrich F.’s doorbell, he allegedly only uttered confused sentences. ‘I don’t care if Mr. K. dies. He threatened me with a baguette.”

The trial began on Tuesday in Nuremberg and a verdict will be handed down on July 11. The brutal man faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

Source: Krone


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