Revolver found – too high care requirements as motive for bloody deed


Excessive demands on the woman’s care may have sparked the bloody act in Vienna-Landstrasse: On Tuesday, police found the lifeless bodies of a 68-year-old man and a 76-year-old woman in an apartment not far from Rennweg. Based on the findings of the investigation, it is believed that the man killed the woman and then committed suicide.

The murder weapon may have been an unregistered revolver. He was secured. There are also further findings on the motive for the crime: “Investigations of the couple’s environment currently indicate that care for the woman is overwhelmed,” police said. The apartment door was locked from the inside.

Neighbors and acquaintances were concerned and called the police after they had seen no sign of life from the couple since June 17. Since then, the windows of the apartment have also been locked. The Vienna task force emergency service WEGA opened the apartment on Tuesday and discovered the two dead.

Source: Krone


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