Next weekend – Italy expects strikes by taxis and airlines


Delays, flight cancellations and strikes: Millions of Italians who want to fly on holiday next weekend, as well as foreign holidaymakers, are faced with this scenario. On Sunday, the Italian pilots and flight attendants of Ryanair, Volotea Malta Air and Crewlink are planning another strike.

“Following the strikes on June 8 and 25, Ryanair has not yet entered into discussions with the unions about the problems that the crew has been dealing with for months,” the workers’ organizations said. They complained, among other things, about the poor working conditions of the cockpit crew on board long-haul flights. Consumer organizations Codacons, Unc and Assoutenti are threatening to file complaints and lawsuits to protect airline passengers.

Mandatory call to work required
In a letter to the head of strike action, Francesco Santoro Passarelli, Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia demanded that aircrew be forcibly called to work if they go on strike. Any inconvenience to the tourism sector, which is just recovering, should be avoided at all costs.

“A flight strike threatens to block our country’s most dynamic economic sector, which is a key driver of Italy’s growth. A blockade of air traffic means a blockade of the country and harms the rights of travelers and companies,” said the minister.

Against the liberalization plans of the Draghi . government
Italy is also currently facing a two-day strike by taxi drivers. They are protesting the Draghi government’s liberalization plans, which they say would favor transportation service provider Uber and other platforms. Taxi drivers went on unannounced strikes across Italy after leaked emails and chats from Uber taxi service from 2013 to 2017 shed light on the company’s aggressive business practices at the time.

Uber is said to have lobbied intensively in Italy to urge the government to continue liberalizing the taxi sector. Protests broke out in front of the government seat in Rome on Wednesday.

Source: Krone


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