LAB demands distribution of care, employment and prosperity


The LAB union is calling for “structural measures” to tackle the economic crisis and wage increases in line with the CPI “to prevent loss of purchasing power and impoverishment of workers”.

The LAB union claims the following May day “the distribution of care, employment and prosperity” and will denounce that there is “a transfer from labor income to capital income”.

Speaking at a press conference in Bilbao, the general secretary of LABORATORYGarbiñe Aranburu, and the Minister of Communications, Maider Jauregi, have announced the mobilizations that will take place on May 1 from 11 a.m., under the motto ‘Altxa! Early dezagun possible. For the distribution of care, employment and wealth’

The trade union center demonstrates in Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Donostia-San Sebastian, Pamplona/Iruña and Baiona

“Capitalism exploits the planet and the people. It expropriates the working class, it does it by not recognizing care work, making labor relations precarious and dismantling public services. In this way there is a transfer of working capital income income, a precarious insecurity spreading to all areas of life, making life continuously more expensive and impoverishing the workers,” he warned.

In his opinion, this situation It is not a consequence “neither of the pandemic nor of the war in Ukraine”but is only attributable to capitalism after “decades of neoliberal policies”.

“The situation is becoming untenable. The planet’s resources are limited and what is happening in Ukraine we must understand in that context. It is a conflict that responds to the geopolitical interests of the oligarchies,” he added.

After stating that in capitalism “there is no future for workers”, LAB has argued for a “ecosocialist and feminist transition”

“The situation requires structural measures, not patches as proposed by both the state and regional governments. The proposed measures are totally insufficient. In addition, much of this support will increase public spending and without adequate redistributive policies there will be no adequate development of public services nor a worthy social protection policy,” he said.

Wage according to the CPI

On the other hand, they have found it “unworthy” that energy companies, such as Iberdrola or Petronor, “continue to profit at the expense of citizens” and have asked that “the power and blackmail capacity of the energy oligopoly is limited and the price of energy is limited”

For all these reasons, he has advocated “recognizing all jobs, dividing them and making them dignified, shortening the working day”, developing policies for the redistribution of wealth and improving wages.

“Wage increase in line with CPI to avoid loss of purchasing power minimum salary of 1,400 euros LAB isn’t considering an income deal that doesn’t regain the purchasing power we workers have lost,” he insisted.

Finally, they have demanded an increase in taxes on capital income, raising taxes on corporate profits.

Source: EITB


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