8 refugees in cars – tractor crashes into police car during chase


A Serbian smuggler, pursued by Hungarian detectives, flew across the border into Austria at breakneck speed. Until it finally burst. The suspect also had a forged passport.

Police in Hungary noticed a smuggler with eight refugees in the car in the early morning hours on Wednesday. When the officers targeted the suspect and tried to stop him, the criminal from Serbia stepped on the gas.

wild chase
Fearing the control, he fled in the direction of Austria. A wild chase ensued. The officers were after the assailant. However, he managed to thunder through the Halbturn border crossing with his illegal transport.

We continued at a furious pace on the unpaved roads. Only a crash could stop the tractor. He crashed into the back of an Austrian police car!

tugboat in hospital
No one was injured during the accident. “A migrant complained of poor blood flow, but recovered quickly,” the emergency services said. To be on the safe side, the smuggler was taken to Kittsee Hospital for a check-up.

After a routine examination, the Serb was able to leave the hospital under police surveillance. The investigation revealed that the suspect – who was traveling with four migrants each from India and Pakistan – was carrying a false passport.

Source: Krone


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