At entrance in Tyrol – IS fanatic Cobra officials drive down with a car


Dramatic scenes during an attack by the Cobra special anti-terrorist unit in Tyrol. A Turkish-born IS fanatic who threatened to chop off the heads of our police officers drove his car into an elite police officer. The officer was seriously injured.

The tip had come from the German Federal Intelligence Service about the internal protection of the constitution. The investigations by the Directorate of Intelligence and State Security (DSN) started immediately. In fact, the terrorist suspect and self-proclaimed IS fan is said to have rolled out concrete plans on social forums for attacks on police stations.

The incredible threat of the Islamist of Turkish descent: “I will cut off the heads of officials!”. After an arrest warrant from the public prosecutor, the Cobra intervened in Tyrol. When the suspect was surrounded in his car by the elite police officers, heavily armed with assault rifles, he didn’t give up – instead, he accelerated and shot a special forces officer. Then the IS fanatic was overpowered. The investigation is running smoothly.

Source: Krone


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