Wanted 30,000 euros – woman saved elderly (88) from fake police officers


Nice action Monday afternoon in Graz-Jakomini: because her neighbor (88) suddenly spoke excitedly, 47-year-old Anka Hierzer went to look – and prevented the elderly woman from handing over 30,000 euros to the wrong police officer.

“I thought to myself: something is wrong!” – It is probably due to Anka Hierzer’s instinct that her 88-year-old neighbor did not fall victim to scammers. Monday around 3 p.m. she heard that the elderly woman was talking a lot and excitedly. She went to look.

When Hierzer came out of her apartment, a man suddenly ran away. The fake police officers were about to collect their loot, but the elderly woman had asked the scammer for ID, sparking discussions.

Scammer scolded neighbor
“But my neighbor was still on the phone. The Voice has claimed that they are armed undercover agents looking to collect money and valuables. I picked up the phone and said, we’re not going to give anything away.” At the same time, she called the real police on her cell phone. “The scammer said to me on the phone, ‘I’m here to shoot you in the head, whore.'”

Fraudsters put the elderly under enormous pressure
It turned out that the scammers claimed that there had been a shooting nearby and that the elderly woman’s name had been found on a list. This is also confirmed by Fritz Grundnig, spokesman for the Styria Police. “The woman should have taken 30,000 euros from the bank and put it in an envelope.”

Wife already had money ready
And she did. “She was called 13 times,” Anka Hierzer explains her neighbor’s situation. In the morning she emptied her safe and collected the money.’

Hundreds of thousands of euros in damage
Fortunately, worse things could have been prevented in this case and research is now being done on unknowns. “But we have also had cases where the damage amounted to 100,000 or 150,000 euros,” said police spokesman Grundnig. “In general, the success rate is relatively low. We receive several reports of similar fraud attempts every day.”

According to the police, it is important to hang up and file a report immediately!

Source: Krone


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