Mexico works against time to rescue a dozen miners trapped by a landslide


Five other workers managed to escape in time with minor injuries from the coal storage facility located in the northern region of Coahuila

Without rest, day and night. In this way, rescue teams in Mexico are trying to locate a dozen miners alive who were trapped Wednesday afternoon (Thursday morning in Spain) by a landslide at a coal mine in the northern municipality of Sabinas, in Coahuila state. Five other workers managed to escape in time with minor injuries.

“The accident occurred when the workers encountered an adjacent area full of water during their excavation work, which caused a flood when it collapsed, trapping a group of miners,” explains Laura Velázquez, National Coordinator of Civil Protection. The State Secretary for Defense, Agustín Radilla, for his part, has indicated that a total of 230 troops are participating in the rescue operation, as well as four dog units, six special forces divers and two city ambulances.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed his grief over what happened. “We hope to find them safely,” he said in a short message on Twitter as rescuers at the site carried out drainage and pumping work on the water from the three collapsed wells as they tried to locate the group’s whereabouts. found and how to access it.

The mine opened in January last year “and to date there is no history of complaints of any kind of anomaly,” the Department of Labor and the Coahuila government said in a joint note. However, in this region, bordering the US, such tragedies are common. The most recent occurred in June, in the municipality of Múzquiz, when a flood broke the roof and walls of another mine, where seven miners were trapped. None survived.

The most serious incident occurred in February 2006 at the Pasta de Conchos mine, also in Coahuila, where 65 workers were killed in an accident and only two bodies were recovered. Since then, more than 100 deaths have been recorded in the area.

Source: La Verdad


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