‘Confebask wants workers to voluntarily accept that they are poorer, and that is insulting’


ELA’s general secretary, Mitxel Lakuntza, believes it is “unacceptable” for employers to say it is not possible to raise the CPI because they “hide the fact that Basque companies are making historic profits and earning more than ever”.

The Secretary General of ELA, Mitxel Lakuntzahas described as “shameful and insulting” that Confebask is invoking wage moderation and not accepting to raise the CPI, which, after warning him that he is “preaching in the desert” by defending a “balanced” income pact asked the Basque government to call the Basque employers to “responsibility”, while their task is to “activate strikes” to avoid the “impoverishment” of workers.

In an interview with Europa Press, Lakuntza also described as “very bad news” that LAB has decided to return to the institutional participation bodies and believes the EH is “following” Bildu, who is “in the line of institutional approval”. .

Lakuntza has denounced that “a decision by the Basque employers for blocking collective bargaining” and “make it difficult” to reach an agreement and in addition there is “a lack of democratic minimums”, as evidenced by the housing dispute in Gipuzkoa, where the agreement with the UGT was signed with only 7% of the representation.

In his opinion, it is “unacceptable” that Confebask says that it is not possible to increase the CPI because he’s lying” and it “hides that Basque companies are making historic profits” and earning “more than ever”.

For this reason, he believes that public institutions should call on employers “to think and reconsider their position regarding this blockade”. According to him, the Basque government and the provincial councils have they must “point to the employer” and demand “responsibility”. “They should refer to the employers so that they mainly change their blocking position in collective bargaining and facilitate the reaching of agreements,” he said.

“Bundle of Lies”

Lakuntza believes that when Confebask proposes reaching a balanced income agreement, the “only balance” that applies to them is that give up salary increase and has caused the bosses to “preach in the wilderness” with this proposal.

Faced with Confebask’s approach that some wage claims could jeopardize the future of some activities, Lakuntza has assured that is “a pack of lies” for “what endangers the future of society as a whole is the indecent profits of many corporations” including Repsol and Iberdrola.

He has also alluded to Bizkaia’s deputy general Unai Rementeria and his calls to “give up the strikes and weather the storm”. “While the government does nothing, neither does its Provincial Council, all we have left is collective bargaining and strike actionadded Lakuntza, who believes that “you have to have a lot of face to say this” and not about the “benefits” of big companies.

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Source: EITB


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