“Crying Too Much” – Mother Almost Shakes Four Month Old Child to Death


Because her baby would have cried too much, a young mother from Vienna did the unbelievable. She shook her child until it was quiet. The little girl is still fighting for her life in the hospital.

It is a horrific case that shocks even the most seasoned investigators of the Vienna Police. On July 29, a Viennese woman and her partner called an ambulance and had their seriously injured child taken to Vienna General Hospital.

child will suffer permanent damage
There it was immediately suspected that the life-threatening injuries had been inflicted by the parents. Even today, nearly two weeks after the insane act, the little patient is still fighting for her young life in the hospital. Her brain is reported to be so badly damaged that permanent damage is expected if the child survives.

The victim’s brother (5) was not injured
After a forensic report, the terrible fear was now confirmed. The mother, 28, is said to have shaken the baby out of sheer desperation – because he apparently cried “too much” – until he stopped moving. According to police spokesman Christopher Verhnjak, the well-known woman was arrested on Tuesday evening at her home address in Vienna.

It is still unclear whether their pre-trial detention will be imposed. However, the father is only listed as a witness to the crime. Her other child, a five-year-old boy, is unharmed. Youth care must decide whether he can stay with his father.

Source: Krone


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