Escape from everyday life – Benko, the tax and the sea


Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda has always attracted them, stars, starlets and get-rich-quick Russians…

The oligarchs came to the island with the warlike Putin, whom Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi had once invited, and regularly blocked the view of the emerald sea with their superyachts. In the summer the view remained clear. After the Russian attack on Ukraine, their ships were impounded or fled to the Turkish coast of Erdogan.

This gap needs to be filled, thought “Ösi-garch” René Benko, whose 65-meter yacht “RoMa” bobbed around the bay of the chic Hotel Romazzino, including a swimming island, speedboat, jet skis and other toys. An energy crisis does not apply here.

Benko is probably escaping the rigors of everyday life, his runaway department store group has just been backed with multimillion-dollar taxes. The previous owner of the “RoMa” was an equally dazzling figure – nightclub owner Ronny Pecik.

Source: Krone


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