After criticizing the party, Finnish Prime Minister Marin did a drug test


After criticizing a private party, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin did a drug test. They had previously asked Finnish MPs and a sports presenter for this. A video was made public on Thursday in which Marin is partying with friends.

“I’ve never used drugs in my life. I really wish people wouldn’t say these things without proof,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin told reporters on Friday. The results of her now made drug test are expected in about a week.

Do statements on drug use?
As reported, a video was released on Thursday of the head of government partying, dancing and singing with friends. Some Finnish journalists claimed to have heard statements about drugs in it.

Marin said she drank alcohol that night, but was unaware that any drugs had been used. “I haven’t done anything illegal. I have a family life, I have a professional life and I have free time that I spend with friends.” The 36-year-old’s private life is a regular topic of conversation in the Northern European country, often appearing at music festivals, clubs or bars and sharing videos or photos on Instagram.

This time around, the video had also sparked debate about whether Marin had political representation at the party and whether that would have been necessary.

Source: Krone


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